Dragonball verses Dragonball Z: What's your opinion?

ahh, two of the greatest works, created by a man considered to be a master of Manga. Which do you think is better, and beats the other out? Why?

Personally, as a diehard fan of Not only the entire Dragonball series, but of Akira Toriyama himself, i adore both series. but, what do you think?

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In Dragonball, they were awesome, really strong Kids.

In DBZ they got invincible. It was still fun, but even when people died they CAME BACK AS ANGELS who could still beat you up and stuff.

In DragonBall GT, they were so invincible it was stupid.

I like DragonBall the most. I liked DBZ the next. I hated GT.

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i liked both but i think dragonball was better

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I really enjoyed dragonball z. don't get me wrong, but it was just too long.

I am looking forward to shortened and remastered version that is being made (or is out already) though I can't remember the name of it right now

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Dragonball Z

This is only because it was a big part of my pre-teen and teen years. The excitement and action, to me [at that time], was very engrossing and worth waiting for as the episodes gradually got dubbed year after year. The Frieza and Cell saga must be mentioned because despite how it was all "IMA CHARGIN' MY POWER LEVEL..ERR SPIRIT BOMB...FOR 6 EPISODES!" the moments Goku and Gohan transcended and Trunks' arrival from the future were memorable for me.

I never really had a chance to watch much of Dragonball, but I do know that it was the most authentic and fun series that captures Akira Toriyama's goals well I'd say.

The reason why GT sucked was because Toriyama was done after Z. GT was meant to try to keep making money off the franchise. Toriyama had no part in its development.

And just to put this out there, whomever is calling Akira Toriyama the "master of manga" needs to quit putting that guy on a pedestal and get a history lesson. The master of manga would be Osamu Tezuka hands down. He made substantial contributions to the whole idea and style of creating manga, and how he incorporated Western animation ideas (e.g. Disney) with in-depth Japanese storytelling.

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dragonball z. by far. because dragonball was made towards s younger audience i think. dragonball set the stage for the more violent, screamy, AWESOME dragonball z. xD oh and by the way, i am glad u didnt include gt in this... because... quite frankly... it sucked. :]

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I think that the "fate of the universe" factor in DBZ made more, intense? (For lack of a better word) Personally that's how I feel though. Not that Dragonball isn't COMPLETELY AMAZING! Love 'em both. But if I had to pick DBZ

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I honestly don't know. I barely remember Dragonball. I remember watching a few episodes when I was a little kid, but that's it. I remember DBZ better.

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Oh Dragonball Vs DBZ...

Dragonball was much more enjoyable for all the fighting mixed in with the adventure and comedy. and had all the characters that just fit into place.

Dragonball Z was pure "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" and statements that the current villain has the most powerful level they ever felt. and that the series had totally switched onto the sayans and their never ending hair growth.

And finally Dragonball GT was...Bleh

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Wow, I'm surprised that everyone so far has been all out for Dragonball...I was expecting the opposite. Most of my friends are all like, "DBZ!!!" and I was usually the only one to be like, "Dragonball!!" But, yes I have to say I've always been a Dragonball fan, but DBZ does bring back many memories!! :)

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Only one correct answer: Dragon Ball.

DBZ was too serious at times, to the point where it was stupid. Honestly, the story was okay until the end of the Frieza saga. It should have just ended there. Sadly, it went on forever.

If you even consider GT, or even AF, to be anything relevant, then so be it... but it really isn't.

DB was campy (in a good way), exciting, and most importantly, an adventure. We met some of the best (and later neglected) characters of the series, and true character development actually occurred. Plus, that asshole Trunks wasn't anywhere to be found.

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well i like drgon ball because every one is all chibi and cute, but i like DBZ becuause like every one is like totally BA and, plus there is alot more fighting and im 11 so its all about the action ;)

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well i like drgon ball because every one is all chibi and cute, but i like DBZ becuause like every one is like totally BA and, plus there is alot more fighting and im 11 so its all about the action ;)

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Dragonball was funier and way better

8 years, 6 months ago
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