Nintendo: Dive-bombing for fail, faster and faster.

As I was playing Super mario Sunshine the other day, I thought to myself: Where did it all go wrong? Around the early days of the Gamecube, nothing could stop Nintendo. Microsoft's XBox was mocked before it was released for trying to stand up to the two companies that 'monopolized' the video games, Nintendo and Sony. I later stumbled on a political cartoon of the iconic Mario and Crash Bandicoot staring down at a tiny Bill Gates, clutching a small black box with a green logo on it.

Sony's blunders and Microsoft's successes aside, how could such an iconic, legendary company head to fail so quickly? After forming an alliance with Sega, continuing their old series, and building upon an already huge fanbase, How could they screw up so badly?

I was looking forward to the Wii for ages, even years. The 'Nintendo Revolution' was almost like a legend, the promise of the coming of the chosen one. Then again, I was in the early years of middle school around this time. When the design for the controller on the Wii was leaked to the internet, a rush of emotions mixed into me. I wasn't sure weather to laugh, from the simplicity of it, to get angry on the unconventionality and how I wanted to just play normal video games and not 'watch TV with that freaky remote', or even excitement, at this brand-new idea, that Nintendo was finally taking a risk.

However, after the Wii came out, gamers who were with Nintendo all along were confined to only a few games. We found ourselves playing Twilight Princess, and many of us beating it in a few days, even though almost everyone says it was terrible when compared to Ocarina of TIme, Majora's Mask, and even WIndwaker. Many people were expecting Brawl to come out right with the Wii. They better have had another think coming, because Brawl was soon to be delayed something like 5 more times. And then when it DID finally come out, many were disappointed with the controls, the deletion of good characters, the replacement of an awesome Pokemon like Mewtwo with Godforsaken Goku-in-Pokemon-Form.

Now here was Wii's vital mistake in my opinion. Not only were a lot of their core franchises uncontinued (Mario Galaxy was a spin-off AT BEST, no Star Fox, No Kirby[Though Kirby of the Stars HAS been announced, Finally])... but Nintendo's extremely vital mistake was abruptly changing the target of their system with the changing of the Generation. Let's face it, Nintendo has always been the most Child-Friendly gaming franchises. But Instantly, to forget about their entire hardcore fanbase and betray them to target 'FAMILY APPROPRIATE GAMING' was a bad move. Since when have you heard of Middle-aged Moms playing video games? Now with the Wii Fit, it's not uncommon to meet someone doing an exercise program off Video Games (Which is utterly ridiculous). The Wii has condemned itself to an eternity of games like Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, etc.

Now, as the Wii hits an all-time low, A new WiiWare channel or whatever they call it is being released. Up to 6 Miis can be registered on it. They take the Mii's birthday and find out it's sign and each day you can check your furtune in several categories including Wealth and Love. Great. So instead of being a gaming system, we can combine this, the News Channel, Weather Channel, Everybody Votes and the Check Mii Out channel and have a legit Nintendo Tabloid Newspaper. Nintendo has gone from appealing to Kids and hard-core gamers of all ages to appealing to everyone else.

Where it went wrong is, Nintendo forgot the only people playing Video Gamers are Kids and Hard-Core Gamers. Not everyone else.

I know you wont all agree with everything I said. And I obviously want your opinions, or I wouldn't have spent a good amount of time typing all of this. Go for it.

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Truly the biggest indicator that Nintendo is a failure to the hardcore is that IGN's Matt Casamassina is leaving the Nintendo team after 12 years. He's been at IGN since I first started reading it (before it even was IGN, or its current incarnation). He will still stay on the editorial staff there, but he can cover whatever the hell he wants.

Why is he doing this? Because there isn't enough depth in Nintendo titles to keep his interest. He's MARRIED to a Nintendo rep. and he's been writing about them forever. He is, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable Nintendo journalist. Fact is, however, he knows a lot more than just that, which is why he started working on the iPhone team and now is doing whatever he wants.

However, it isn't surprising that Nintendo is boring to him, but it also isn't surprising that Nintendo decided to make their own mark on gaming (again) with a new strategy. Truly, it is a BRILLIANT move on their part to exploit the mass market with decade-old technology (hence low failure rate) with some archaic additions.

The GameCube was in last place (barring the Dreamcast who left the game as fast as it came in), being CRUSHED by the PlayStation 2 and struggling against the Xbox. Even before then, the Nintendo 64 didn't do that well either. Yes, compared to the Saturn (lol@Sega again), it didn't do that bad, but the PlayStation kicked the expensive, outdated cartridge-based system to the curb. I loved my N64, and I still love its collection of games (and it was my first real game console), but the numbers speak for themselves. Nintendo has been sucking up sales for a long time.

They aren't the company you want them to be, and I don't think that is going to change until the next generation of systems. Miyamoto is the Willy Wonka of the gaming world: he brings us some incredible games like Super Mario Galaxy (yes, I think this game is excellent, albeit easy), but he also brings us some of the most insane bullshit-fest of games. Wii sports and all of those nonsense 1st party titles are proof that times are changing. Try to figure out why all of this unsupported hardware comes out, or why we have friend codes and no trophy/achievement system (btw those SELL games).

Is it a gimmick? Maybe, but it is working damn well. It won't change, and it may never change. If Nintendo wants to last, they need to sell software, but given the options between an amazing hardware experience on PS3 or the faulty but passable one on Xbox 360, who do you love?

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Nintendo only cares about money, it's dying fast, a damn shame since the Wii has SOME potential. All this Wii (insert-repetitive-obvious-name-here) is just exercise crap that would only be played three times and then lost under the couch. Then Let's not forget about DS, which only has a slight bit more playable amount of games.

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Great post!

I have to agree there isn't much to sink your teeth into and I would like to see more casual games go cross platform.

But let's face it, Wii is pretty much the only console you'll ever see as the centerpiece of a party (rhythm games aside)

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I think you bring up some really good points, but saying that saying nintendo is dive bombing for a fail is really relative to who you are. In terms of capitalizing on the hardcore market, yes they are losing. But they're selling the most consoles and making the most money. Nintendo is exactly where they want to be, so good luck convincing them they're the failures.

I think if you made this argument to a nintendo rep, they would point to the fact that both microsoft and sony are developing their own motion controls as well as expanding their own library of casual games. Let's face it, companies always copy the leader. Like other mp3 companies trying to compete after the iPod was released. Whoever makes the most money is the leader, and everyone else will copy them. Nintendo has become an industry trend setter, for better or for worse.

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reading last line

Huh... you knew wrong. I agree with you completely! I even wrote a lengthy post a while back on a blog that is no longer up (I moved to Rukinet and neglected to pay the hosting bills for the previous site...) on how a hardcore Nintendo fan went from loving it, loving, loving it while going "wtf?" disliking it but still believing that "I love it," all the way to hating it.

With the Nintendo 3DS I have become a fan again (yet still not a hardcore fan like when I was a kid), not because of the 3D because I don't care about that, but because of the improved graphics. If the DS had one problem besides no achievements (lol) it was the lousy graphics. It wasn't a bad machine nor did it have a lack of good games (of course, not as good a game base as say the Xbox 360 or, thinking back, the PlayStation 2) but... well, the best games (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for example) had such crappy graphics (and controls... the touch screen wasn't the best idea, either) it was unplayable.

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Gamecube games were great. They were FUN. They kicked the tar out of almost every other system that generation. Ignoring the numbers and money made compared to the other two, it's fair to say that the Gamecube WAS very accessible to Casuals and Hard Core gamers alike. My question is, Why change that? You can be in last but STILL MAKE MONEY and have FANS. That's what I want to know, and what makes me angry.

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I was very upset when they stopped making gamecube games. I mean, are they just stopping with hand held control games altogether or what?? Personally I think it's wrong. Not everyone wants to hold a TV remote and swing at bad guys on the screen. I miss the feel of buttons!!

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Ok, so maybe the Wii hasn't been living up to everyone's expectations. To be honest, I'm starting to get bored and I'm even considering a 360. But there's hope for the Wii! There are plenty of games coming out I'm pretty sure hardcore gamers will like. For example: Metroid Prime: Other M, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Red Steel 2, Muramasa Demon Blade, a new Zelda game, Pikman 3, Tatsunoko v.s. Capcom, the recently announced Call of Duty 7 and much, much more. So don't give up on the Wii yet! Wait for 2010 to pass then we'll see if Nintendo is truly done for.

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I left DS alone, because as of now, it's only LEGIT competition is the PSP, which crashed and burned harder than any Nintendo system ever did. All the PSP offered was great graphics and a terrible online play, with a couple of RPGs and Grand Theft Auto. DS continued old series, like Star Fox and Pokemon and kept people coming for more

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You bring up really good points too. Its true that, Worldwide, Nintendo is selling the most systems AND making the most money, is in the lead, and everything. However, we, the gamers, do not exactly appreciate most of what nintendo has done. Take a look, the quality, function, and feel of their games are starting to become either repetitive, lackluster, or ridiculous. The whole Wii library is practically empty: When I head to a game store and take a look at the Wii games, I come back a couple of months later and practically the same games are on the shelves. The Wii needs to, As Sonic declares in Brawl, "step it up," in terms of Variety, Gameplay, Graphics and, most importantly, fun.

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Great post...I didn't read ANY of the comments so I don't know what has been mentioned thus far, but there are games for the wii that are geared towards older gamers. Not like, old but you know what I mean.

EX: Red Steel, um...I actually can't think of any more... I will though!

8 years, 5 months ago
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