Do you watch the anime or read the manga

I personally watch the anime

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I usually do the opposite, first I would check out the manga. If it appeals to me, I would look up the anime. I try not to buy some books, since they usually run $11, and that I only know a few places to buy manga.

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I usually watch the anime and if it's good check out the manga. This is probably because it's easier to get a hold of anime.

I've recently been doing the opposite though, cus my friend has all this extra manga that she's read already, so she's letting me borrow it all! :)

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I watch anime, as it takes longer to watch an episode of anime that it takes to read a whole bloody manga book. At a price that is only a little bit more expensive (15-25 bucks instead of 10-15), I find it more entertaining.

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I usually do whichever one better represents the actual plot. For example, I'm reading the Rosario+Vampire Manga, because the plot is discussed more in-depth in the manga. However, if you showed me something like Naruto where it's about the same in both, I'd go interchangeably.

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I havn't been too into manga lately... I guess it's mostly because I've been so busy that when I get some free time, I just want to sit and relax.

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I tend to watch the anime AND read the manga, only due to the fact that there are parts in the anime that are not in the manga, and also parts that are in the manga that was left out of the anime. I feel that doing both gives a better view/idea of what is actaully going on.

Also due to some reasons, the mangas are longer than the anime (take Trinity Blood for example) where the anime ends, the manga keeps going on [yes I do know what the reason was for this particular reason]

I also tend to base one off of the other, if I see an anime that I really enjoy, thenI would go out and look for the manga, or if I see a manga at the book store that I enjoy, I'll go and look for the anime.

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If I think the anime is good enough, I usually turn to the manga. With the anime, I can usually just burn through a few episodes (especially if it is dubbed). However, with the manga, I feel obligated to take my time and look at every panel for a bit.

Also, I always felt cheated when "reading" manga. Few, if any, really match the value that I've gotten out of a US or UK comic book. Good luck trying to compare V for Vendetta to any manga. Dollar for dollar, I usually get more value from a graphic novel or comic book than manga, regardless of my opinion of the manga/anime series.

Ehh, I should just make a thread about it ^_~

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i read the manga. it's a lot easier to get my hands on, and the series are more complete, also, because it's the original story in most cases. but, i do try and get a chance to watch the anime at some point or another ^^

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