what anime mechandise do you have?

What anime stuff do you have? I have a kunai, Brook figurine, Haruhi wristband and a kon plushie. I want more figurines though(Suzumiya-san, wait for me!)!

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I have a bunch of stuff from way back in the day, but what is actually still in my room and not packed away... hmm...

Here is a sneak peak into my life. I have stuffed animals still. They aren't ever out in my room, but I have them. From about six years ago, I have my Ein (Cowboy Bebop), Chocobo, and Tonberry (both Final Fantasy) plushies.

They are reminders of when I used to be into anime for that short period of time. I have a bunch of other little things laying around still, but none of them match my love for those three. Why? Because they are squeezably soft!

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Cosplay and fan art. I like to support local artists

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I have Reborn! playing cards, (I also bought a pack of Keroro Gunsu for my BFF) a Totoro T-shirt, Keroro and Reborn posters, a giant Domo-kun plushie!! :), domo-kun t-shirt, of course hikaru no go, kingdom hearts, naruto, and reborn manga, and possibly stuff I'm forgetting... :)

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I have everything from wall scrolls, to manga, to novels, to anime, to pvc figurines, and gasapon. Collection is good. I also got some anime related plushies FTW.

8 years, 7 months ago
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