Favorite Final Fantasy Characters

Since I haver noticed a lot of people in this forum share my love of the Final Fantasy Series, I figured that this topic would be alright. I, personally, have two absolute favorite final fantasy characters, but I got a whole bunch of runner ups.

Montblanc (Appears in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Final Fantasy Tactics A2, Final Fantasy XII). The best Moogle in existence, Montblanc is just awesome. Play through Final Fantasy Tactics Advvanced and you'd know what I mean ("That was the most kupo story I ever heard!")

As he appears in Final Fantasy A2

Princess Ashe (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings). C'mon, since when have you met a Princess who lives after she commits suicide AND can combat enemies in a bright pink skirt and sky blue belt. Frankly, the epitome of awesome.

As she appears in FFXII

Runner ups include Yuffie, Vivi, Basch fon Ronsenburg and Auron.

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Cecil (FFIV) - He's epic, nothing further. I've just always liked him.

Auron (FFX) - [spoiler]Not only is he the biggest badass in the FF series, he's a freaking ghost. He still kicks major ass from beyond the grave.[/spoiler]

Jecht (FFX) - He an abusive father, he's one of the final bosses, and then when you actually fight the final boss, he literally makes it impossible for you to lose. Not to mention that he makes Tidus cry multiple times in the game. CRY PANSY BOY, CRY!

Yuna (FFX) - No real reason either... I've just always liked Yuna more than the others...

I'm feeling lazy right now, so look up the bloody pictures yourself if you care that much. XD Now, if someone wants me to explain why, I'd feel free to edit those reasons in.

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TT.TT I never got enough Final Fantasy exposure! I was always in the dark fer the whole gaming consoles thing in my younger days... hell I thought a play station was some sort of car track thing like hotwheels XD

So as my knowledge is limited to FFIII fer the DS and FF Crisis Core, I would have to say that Zack Fair is my fave character... cause the cocky bastard grew on me like mold grows on an unattended closet (it happens. trust me, I know...) I very much respect Angeal and have come to dislike Cloud cause he friggin thinks he did all those things that Zack actually did... (read up on it after going through FFCC going "WTH IS GOING ON!?" and then finding out that Zack was supposed to die -headdesk-)

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My knowledge of Final Fantasy is extremely limited, seeing as I lost nearly all my games. I loved Kadaaj from Advent Children, and Auron. Yuffie is also wonderful.

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My favorate final fantasy charactor is Lightning from final fantasy 13.

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Lightning and Cloud from XIII, duh!

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