Podcast Guest Questions (IN DA FUTURE!!!11one)

Although we do not have a definitive date set up, I DO have confirmation on a guest. It really depends on when we have time and when we want to have another panic attack over getting our guests on the same page as us.

Anyway, to continue the tease, we have another video game journalist! And this one ALSO works at IGN.com... and on the PlayStation team! I'm such a one-trick pony. However, they differ in a few ways. This one is closer to our peer group, and he is a very avid anime fan. So much so that he is going to Japan this weekend!

I'll assume most of you have skipped the annoying text above to find out that Ryan Clements will be on our podcast in the following weeks. We didn't want to overload you with guests and he happens to be busy.

If you have any questions that you'd like to be read on the podcast, please submit them now. You'll have PLENTY of time (sorry for the last one!) to come up with questions. I'm sure that Sasha will do a lot of talking since she knows more about anime than Tom, Jim, or myself (frankly, she doesn't do a lot with her time).

This thread will remain open for at least a week.

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My questions:

  • Where did you stay and was this your first time going to Japan and the area you stayed in? If so, what was your impression of the atmosphere? If not, what is the one thing that draws you back to Japan?
  • What anime series are you currently enjoying and why do they appeal to you?
  • Anime DVDs or Manga? Feel free to expound on your reasons.
  • In what light do you view videos games being made into anime and vice versa (e.g. Tales of Symphonia/Abyss/Vesperia, Xenosaga)?
  • Before they shut down, there was a company called Hirameki International that [semi-poorly] translated and produced non-adult visual novel games for the masses. However, most visual novel games do incorporate adult situations as that is a human element of forming relationships that people tend to engage in. Do you think the popular visual novel (VN) games (e.g. CLANNAD, Fate/Stay Night) that do not focus on sexual situations (but do have them within a rich storyline) could ever hold any appeal outside of Japan? Why or why not?
  • Do you find any interest in doujinshi?
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    • What genres do you enjoy the most and why, and what genres do you see the most potential in?
    • Do you speak Japanese? If so, how did you learn it and how much did you need it on your trips to Japan?
    • Do you have any details on the chronological story or setting of Metal Gear Solid: Rising coming out?
    • How much information on the PS3 slim can you give us?

    Though my questions are pretty bad in contrast to Nina's, that's all I need to know. XD

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    Resurrection bump!

    So here is the spoiler: our guest will be on this week!

    I'd love to have some more reader questions, video game and anime related of course. Give me some more, people!

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