Metal Gear Solid (Most likely to be filled with Spoilers)

Colonel! Snake here. I need to destroy Metal Gear. For about the 4th time. Check it out, I can eat Cigarettes.

I just finished the first game after a year of procrastinating and started the second. So far, the first game was terrible but I love the second so far. I'm up to the second chapter, trying to freeze C4 and stuff or whatever.

Discuss the series. Even Raven's ear pull.

And before I gorget, Enjoy this. Metal Gear Solid 1 Spoilers and swear words....:

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Not really any spoiler at all, but... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH MGS4!?

First we have a girl cooking eggs, then we have 40 minute cutscenes (4 minutes of gameplay, and then ANOTHER 20 minutes of cutscenes!?)...

As much as I enjoyed what I've played of MGS4, it isn't a video game. It is an interactive movie. The longest damn movie I've ever sat through, and I doubt I was even 1/4 of the way finished when I stopped.

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Yeah I heard of that. The series has always been famous for REALLY LONG cutscenes but from what I hear they took it over the edge. I'm probably not gonna play MGS4 any time in the near future (Dont own a PS3, but might save up for the Slim when its released) but I still don't want to be spoiled. XD

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