Do you have a dream to become a perfessional manga artist or story writer?

Well i have the talent of drawing & writing and ive been to lots of manga courses, so its kind of goal to create my own full length manga one day for the world to read and enjoy, what about your guys? =]

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I have desired to become a published story writer for nearly a decade of my life. My years of text roleplaying, personal writing, and formal teachings in college have grown my talent for creative ideas to turn into original works. I have a bit of my stuff available around the net, but I generally don't talk about anything that I'm not currently working on.

In January, I decided to form a creative [doujin] circle with my best friend who has been drawing for his whole life in order to have a name under which to publish our own works and build credibility under. We are shooting to achieve our dream of becoming a manga-ka with our first online webmanga, Dance of Heart - a project that's no stranger to Otaku Pride.

Yes it took many years to get to a point where I felt I could handle the responsibility of pushing my written work public, but we are hardly at a professional level. Professionals put out 20-30 page chapters every 1-2 weeks. That's way beyond us, which is why I decided to adopt the webcomic approach with a manga-style presentation. But really, I would simply advise purposing in your heart to work on a story, and just go for it strong.

Be sure to get feedback from those you trust also. Kou and I spent years showing Dance of Heart to people we would meet and for years all we received were positive accolades for the artwork and the storyline. We're aiming to become manga-ka in our own right because we believe in our ability and widespread appeal. Don't keep it a dream if you have any intention on going for it.

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I wouldn't mind being a writer, but I don't think I'm cut out for it, I'd probably a be a better journalist.

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Yes. I have tried but I am a very suckish animator.

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It'd be a nice side job, I have a lot of stories and characters created that I jot down so when I learn to draw manga I can make them but probably not as a definite living.

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I've always thought how awesome it would be to have the opportunity to work as an animator for a show I wrote the story for. I don't know, I've always love to write stories and how awesome would it be if my storied turned into an anime?! Extremely!! So yeah, it still takes forever just to draw one character let aloe a whole scene...but I haven't given up yet. Maybe sometime in the future an apocalyptic event will take place and I'll be drawing for a show...or before that, may scanner might decide to start working...

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I'm going to be honest. If you want to get a job as an anime-styled animator in an American studio, go for it. But if you want to go to Japan to work, you have to be so skilled that people would bow to you, because theres so many natives there who are raised around this stuff and who are wayy better than you could ever dream of.

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I would love it if I came up for an idea for an anime. Lately, any story I think of is thought of in anime form. lol

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i would love to make a manga but i have semi good drawing skills and i would rather help out with writing the storyline.

8 years, 8 months ago
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