ADV Shuts Down

Well, it finally happened. ADV Films shut down and transferred all of their assets (anime licenses) to other companies.

8 years, 6 months ago
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Agreed on Alberio's point.

Though ADV's quality of licensing production dropped in the last few years, the matter of this company falling is not simply from the business aspect for any hardcore anime fans. It's the loss of the source of what brought to light the existence of licensed anime to much of the older generation of anime fans (like myself). In my personal case, ADV Films is what turned me on to the idea of becoming a professional voice actor 7-8 years ago. I used their site to read the article or two they had about the Dirty Pair VAs and I was absolutely enthralled with the idea that such a profession existed.

I respect ADV for their contribution to my initial knowledge of licensing companies and it's a shame that the growing lacking support from anime fans to purchase DVDs is causing companies like this to fall. I am just as guilty as the next fan, but once a series is licensed, I either don't watch it, or I try to watch/buy it on DVD. I hope that ADV's passing/separation/whatever you want to call it is a wake up call to all the people who continue to download series that are already available for purchase...but it probably won't.

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It's not a big issue in the sense of anime quality or such, as the members of ADV were just transferred to other companies. However, the problem with this for many people is the sentimental value. ADV was one of the first companies to start bringing anime to the U.S. And from a small company at that. A lot of people have grown to respect the "ADV Films" label and realize that it will most likely be a good job (of course there are a few disappointments). To me, it's the realization that one of the companies that initially got me into anime died.

8 years, 6 months ago
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I dunno really how this will affect me or anyone else. In most cases of transferring pre-established properties, you will likely see very few changes at first. However, major business decisions will probably be different.

Is this a really big deal to some people? As big as the Marvel deal was to me, even I know nothing damaging will (likely) occur.

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Why do you say finally?

It is sad to see, and conjures nostalgia, but was there a reason to think this was a long time coming?

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That makes me really sad. :(

8 years, 3 months ago
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