When did Anime become mainstream

So anime is popular in Japan, it's had moderate success in the united states.

When did Anime become popular in the U.S. and what is it about anime that makes us want more?

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It never became mainstream. If it was, I wouldn't have beaten up so many nerds in high school. I remember this one red-head drummer who giggles like a girl over everything. He's an alcoholic now after what I did to him...

Seriously, if anime itself ever became popular (but lets remember, not mainstream), it was probably around the time of cartoon network's after-school lineup (Toonami). Sure, we had smatterings since as early as Astroboy and other points prior, but nothing as substantial.

Pokemon definitely made a splash, but I don't think it ever became too mainstream in the sense of Starbucks, though it might have (and at least HAD that potential of being a cornerstone of daily life).

Yeah, I'd say Pokemon and Sailormoon made the initial impact, but Toonami followed up with the true wave of Japanese Anime. A lot of shows are still popular with young kids, as it has done a pretty good job of joining the normal mix of kid shows, but it still has a long way to go.

Just think, the midwest probably hasn't seen a Pentium II computer yet, let alone Japanese culture.

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It's not mainstream amongst teenagers and young adults but when you look at all the six year olds they all have their YuGiOh and Bakugan and whatever.

Short answer: Pokemon did it.

I dont wanna give a really long answer though. XD

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I really noticed a difference after Anime Expo '96 - which I think was the last con I went to that still really had the feel of being a gathering of a small, very non-mainstream subculture.

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Maybe sometime in the future. squint

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I'm not sure when anime will become mainstream here in the states, but it's bound to happen, haha.

For me, personally, anime has this weird way of drawing me in, and gluing me to the story, and makes me feel like I can literally escape reality for a short while. It's also a breather from the forms of entertainment on TV (reality shows, random family-based sitcoms, etc.) but in the end I'm not entirely sure what it is, and I think that mysterious quality makes it attractive in itself, leaving us with a desire for more.

Or...I admit it, the girls are hot. You happy?! >.<

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I don't think that in this context you can call Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon and stuff like it anime because kids watch, think it is a normal show and never learn it was anime or look at any other anime. It is certainly NOT mainstream though because in here in NC, I say anime and all I get are stupid looks and what the hell are you talking abouts. So this thread is wrong. DEAD WRONG!!! If it was not I would not have to search all over the freaking state for one other person who even remotely knows what anime is.

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