Anime show on TV v.s Manga

So some people i heard during some chat (when I was watching Hellsing) said "I love the anime show there so mad awesome like how they they made made the motion and everything."

And this guy just came out and yell "Hells no! Manga is way better they tell you more of what happen and they released way early its better then those anime shows when you have to watch TV so you have to wait next week to see more."

And this happen in and then they stop cause some guy came in to stop there war raging terror.

so tell me and the other whats the best-Manga or Anime shows on TV

I'll be counting the votes until 60's comment vote if that happen.

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I don't think that you can say that one is better than another. It's all based on personal preference, and each person will have their own. I enjoy anime more because I am able to savor it for a longer amount of time, but as an opposite point I like manga more because it advances the plot faster and gives you the story without beating around the bush.

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It really is dependant on a lot of factors. I tend to prefer manga, but that's because it doesn't have filler and that kind of thing and just feels a lot stronger to me than anime can sometimes. (Though in the case of certain shows, (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo) they're amazing anime that had no manga ties what-so-ever.

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