Anime nerd == computer nerd?

I know we're all hoping #snowleopard will make our power books fast enough to play an mkv file, but does this trend run as deep as I think it does?

I for one am a huge computer nerd, and I know @tomharrigan is too, and I think Nina's post about web standards pretty much answers the question for him as well.

"...but jim," I hear you say, my dear reader, "maybe it's just because the examples you cite are all your friends. Maybe you just attract the biggest nerds in the universe." Dear reader - you are probably correct.

But what do you have to say about Ubunchu the webmanga about using ubuntu linux? I don't know a single one of those guys. (even if I do use ubuntu linux)

Well what is it? Are you the biggest computer nerd, or only a moderately large one?

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Haha. Let's phrase it this way:

I found this site while browsing for websites which use pinax. So yes, I'm a huge computer nerd and intend to make a living from being one. Also I do open source development, run linux on my home computer and can (and do) argue hours about programming languages. I calculated calculated gotos, bent the stack pointer, peeked and poked in basic and other weirdnesses.

The other way around, I know a lot of computer nerds - but few of those are into anime.

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i would say i know my way around most computers and i just switched from windows to ubuntu which i love. I have to say i have a good hand at computer knowledge, better than most of my friends lol. But in all i think i'm just moderately good at computers.

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I'm a closet nerd.

The question do you define a closet nerd nowadays?

  • the comp geek behind closed doors,

  • or the guy whose closet is full of shirts with a firefox, ubuntu logo or xkcd comic on it?

well, i only have one firefox shirt...consider me a moderate ;-)

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I have been a computer nerd a bit before I started watching anime. You can call me a bit of a techno(file) a person who loves technology. I love to be well rounded in everything I do from working on computers to building website. I love to listen to music and work amv's and watching videos on the computer.

I think anime and computers do go hand in hand. if you think about it. alot of anime has been distributed by means of electronic communication. IE. person watches a fansubbed anime series. He shows his friends and they show their friends. soon after it becomes a hit it gets licensed in the states.

Think of the computers being the Mixed tapes to anime.

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STFU don't get my hopes up about my powerbook properly reading MKV files

Back in high school, I used to be pretty big into computers. I was a summer job of fixing crappy PCs that killed my enjoyment of technology, though. That and taking two years of Cisco classes.

I like to screw around with them nowadays, but nothing major (though I look forward to building a new rig and putting Mac OS on it!).

@jim As for the Manga... CREDIT ME! You'd never know about it if it wasn't for me! Don't make excuses "oh I found it..." NOPE! You didn't. End!

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I'm only a nerd because of Jim. The one who inspired me to build robots, learn html, css, and now the django language for html...and a bunch of other things. But for some reason I don't think it's coincidental that computer nerds like anime. Not sure why though... :)

next step, python! exitement!!

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Can't be possible. Because I'm a moderate anime nerd, and I can't use the computer for my life. In fact I make my friends help me over the phone.

8 years, 6 months ago
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