Which anime you can draw easily?

I use to draw luffy d monkey and nico robin on my notebook when I was in high school. My classmates like these images some of them kept it with them so I might try later with inkscape software that I've just learned.

Has anyone ever tried this and display their graphics on deviantart?

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Have you seen this tutorial?

It's quite good.

Also, if you use mac, definitely take a look at Sketch, which is far and away my favorite vector editing tool :)

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its pretty easy to draw characters from Fairy Tail, Naruto and No.6. you can also try to draw with the pencil^^ its pretty easy and fun XD or you can use Tablet, its really handy when you are drawing^_^ Its kinda like an ipad but its easier to draw on it and there are better functions for drawing(≧◡≦)

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