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There as been a lot of free to play but buy add-ons mmorpgs coming out in recent days. My favorite mmorpg as to be Ragnarok Online which I have been playing for years and more recently on private servers.Also Forumwarz is good which is a good browser based mass player game.

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I used to play them a lot more but not so much in the past year.

I started on Final Fantasy Online (though if we get technical, I played Phantasy Star Online whenever I was at a friends house that had the online service). It was okay, but it was a japanese server.

After I left that, REALLY early on, I played Rubies of Eventide. Really nice, free MMO with an adult audience. I didn't stick around for more than a few months, though.

World of Warcraft is my favorite, after what little experience I've had with MMOs. I played until they announced the Lich King expansion (and went back to college; gotta focus!). Made some great friends, had a lot of fun, and became a valuable resource to my guild as the number 1 paladin tank (who had a late start), super warlock (of gnomish stature), and facemelting shadow priest. Those were fun days.

I'm really looking forward to FFXIV, despite needing to pay a monthly fee (which was part of the reason I hated WoW so much and why I refuse to pay for a Gold account for LIVE). I know that Jim and Sasha will agree that while we had fun with WoW, we're sooo over it and really looking forward to FF14.


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World of Warcraft consumed my life in college.

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I think everyone should be aware of the new Star Wars MMO from BioWare.

The Old Republic looks to be a WoW-killer in every sense of the term. Final Fantasy 14 will also have a lot of catching up to do if it hopes to be as enthralling as this game is shaping up.

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