Win personal contact with Japanese star by following her on twitter. ^_^

Thank you, everyone, for welcoming me! I already feel at home here with other proud Otaku!

Speaking of my blog, Unrepentant Japanophile, I am friends with(well on fb) Japanese American tv personality and fashion goddess Megumi Hosogai and she agreed to let me do a contest for her. Winner gets a personal video message from Megumi and a signed gift. All you have to do is like her on FB or follow her on twitter from now until Nov.15th. If you're as much of a Japanophile as me, you may be interested in winning personal contact with a Japanese TV star. ^_^ Full Details here ->

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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I had to look her up... she replaced the skunk-hair lady on What Not To Wear! I used to watch that show a lot back in the day... don't judge me.

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