new final fantasy for psp

so yeah some people heard about it and some people didnt heard about let me say this

dissdia will come for the psp i got a pic to show if you people already know then comment or people doesnt know then commment as well

Dissidia FF- Guest Character by *meru-chan on deviantART

ok well i messed it up a bit just wanted to put that in

ok here it is the real thing

dissidia Pictures, Images and Photos

and its for the psp

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Yeah, news of Dissdia has been around for a while now. I'd be looking forward to it, but I don't own a PSP. I'm not particularly fangushing over it either, as I don't know many of the older FF characters except Terra, Kefka, and Shadow (see a pattern?).

I would recommend renaming the topic "Dissdia Final Fantasy" and tagging "dissdia-final-fantasy" rather than "anime" or "final-fantasy" by themselves. =]

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i think i'll get it when it comes out i need some new psp games to play

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I have my copy on it's way, my boyfriend pre ordered a copy for my birthday, and he is getting one for himself also. I've been playing the demo ever since it came out, and I really can't wait for the game to hit my hot little hands :)

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Yeah, I don't know why I didn't mention this one yet, aside from not owning a PSP anymore lol

If they have his game ready as a digital download by the time the PSPGO comes out, I'll pick it up (or better yet, Sam will have a copy for me so I don't have to buy it!)

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Meh, Something to play until Persona 3: PSP comes out, hope it's a long game.

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