High School anime club?

Hi guys! :3 So I was thinking of starting an anime club at my school.. But I have no idea how. I'm not a very charasmatic person, but I have some friends that would already love to join. So what do you guys think? And did you guys have an anime club when you were going to school? Or if you're in school now, do you guys have an anime club? What kinds of things did you do?

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RightStuf offers an anime club support program. You should check it out. My girlfriend is an 8th grade teacher and started an anime club at her school last Spring semester. She said the support from RightStuf was really great.

Here's the link: http://www.rightstuf.com/rssite/main/animeClubs/

My friend's club meets every Friday after school and they view three episodes of a new anime each week. After that it's up to the individual if they want to continue with a series or not. They've since started reading the corresponding manga and comparing the media and storylines. It's made for lively discussions.

Definitely check out RightStuf's resources.

Good luck!

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Yeah! I think an anime club would be awesome! But I have NO idea what to do either...... I used to think about doing that anime club thing.... And I don't have an anime lover friends....(so lonely) I have NO idea how to even create a club..... ( I feel so bad for myself....)

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Hmmm... well, at my school there's is a LOT of undercover otaku (you know, the people that cover up the manga they borrowed from the library with their hats... like me), and I live in Australia, so if you live in America or somewhere like that, I'm willing to bet that there is a ton more.

Why not try finding them? (I say this, but really I'd be too scared haha ^^) You could put some posters up or something, or if not, a small club with just your friends is fun as well.

As for activities, you could watch anime and read manga, start a blog, make videos of anime reviews, parodies, reenactments etc. make your own manga, draw fanart, do anime-related skits or dares in public (ie. storming IKEA dressed as your fav anime characters, or going on a shopping trip and using anime quotes on the shop assistants etc.), get involved with foreign cultures things if your school does them, hold anime movie nights where anyone is invited(my school sometimes does this for our astronomy club, who does starwars movies and star-gazing on friday nights), try to convert others into otaku, create your own cosplay items (even if its something small like a necklace that other otaku would recognise on the street).

I kinda wrote a lot, so... I'll shutup now... hope I helped! ^^

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If I join your club can we watch Boku No Pico? <333333333333333

4 years, 7 months ago
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lemme join

4 years ago

i really wish they had one in my school that would be a dream but honestly it would be better to talk to a counclor or the person who runs your schools clubs. ( sorry for my bad grammar)

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