First time cosplaying.. Any hints?

Hey guys! :3 So, this halloween, I wanted to cosplay as Rolling Girl from the Hatsune Miku song. I choose her because she's not to extreme or wild or too complicated to cosplay as. But this is my first time cosplaying, and yes, I will be buying a wig :3 Do you guys have anything to say that might help me? I have the cosplay all planned out, the make-up, the color nail polish, the type of clothing,

I'm just curious, and I'm so scared of messing up my very first cosplay >-<

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Just enjoy and be natural in portraying your character! Good luck and have fun!

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I once joined a cosplay event in our town but the costume I have was from a friend who always like Eugene of Ghost Fighter! I enjoy doing it with all my friends wearing their own costume.

I saw a documentary few months ago and that's when I know Japanese teens regularly do cosplay in the streets of Japan. And it seem like having a costume with their favorite manga character is normal to them.

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