Anime Fan fictions and blogging ^^

I love writing.. I love anime.. I love doing things I wanna do...

So, I write some fan fictions and blog posts which are anime related..

What about you guys? Do you write fan fictions or blogs too? What's your favorite pairing? How about your anime blog, what do you post in it? ^^

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I used to love reading fanfictions! cx My favorite pairing had to be NaruHina cx and now it's any Free! fanfic I see.

I don't have an anime blog, although it might be nice. Is it alright if I read some of your fanfictions? c: Just send the link if you want to x3

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I guess I wrote about that stuff... 10 years ago? More? I think GeoCities was still a thing at the time... I probably had a 56k modem and the internet was all GIFs.

At least the last part hasn't changed.

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I never written fan fiction before (even though I wanted to). I do have an anime blog .

5 years ago
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I do like writing but not about anime though, I just like watching anime movies. If I could write a story for just one episode of the anime I like, it sure would be great. Do you guys ever tried writing your own anime story?

4 years, 9 months ago
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