What makes a true otaku?

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So recently I've seen a lot of posts on facebook, especially in the comments, saying "If you don't like [insert anime/manga title here], you're not a real otaku!" or, "If you don't read the anime you're not a real otaku!" or pictures that'll say on the bottom "If you don't know what this means, you're not a real otaku!" And I would get so confused and question, "What makes a real otaku?"

So, what do you think makes a real otaku?

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The "you're not a real _" reminds me of the baseless accusations that many males throw at females who call themselves nerds or gamers. Unless you're completely fronting about it, you're whatever you say you are and nobody can tell you otherwise.

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I guess you can say that you're a real Otaku based on your love for anime, manga or whatever.. I mean.. you know there are several types of Otaku, right? ^^ But anyhow, only you could judge yourself whether you're real or not.. ^^

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real otaku only focuses on the anime/manga, not people..hehe

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you love anime/manga/video games/japan....etc. You are an otaku. :)

4 years, 11 months ago

YEEEY I can comment!!! Real otaku means U LOVE ANIME AND U COPY A CHARACTER(s)! But I don't know. . . They say u got to like any anime no matter what! Q~Q Your not a otaku unless u get excited or interested when some one talks about a anime lol That's what I think (^ω^) Plz don't fight with me! Peace~

4 years, 8 months ago

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