Question: Have you ever wondered why Asuna and Kirito is such a popular shipping?

Hi guys! So a while back I was scrolling through my facebook when I saw someone ask the question, "Why is Asuna and Kirito so popular?" The admin explained that the anime is a Harem anime, so there are tons of other girls involved. And that Asuna is just kind of something to help the plot. Sure you can say "Well Kirito was the one that got with Asuna", and I have to admit, from episode 12 or 13-25, it was based on Asuna. The anime was originally supposed to be an Action anime, but I really don't think that Action and Romance really mix in well together. Sure I enjoy shippings like NarutoxHinata, EdxLucy, etc. But as far as I know, there aren't very many romantic scenes, especially with Shounen. Most of the girls are sometimes there just for the fanservice.

So what do you guys think? Why do you think AsunaxKirito is popular?

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I think because it's so relate-able. It's essentially an internet relationship which is more and more common these days and it turns out so happy.

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