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Hai guys c: So you've probably heard of the anime "Free!" It's everywheres, it has parodies on youtube, fanfictions (Don't get me started with the ships), tumblr posts, facebook posts, it's everywheres~ So if you've seen it, do you like it? Or is it something that there's no reason to go insane over (besides the reason, "It's obvious any girl would go insane over a swimming anime filled with guys")

And in other great news, after ten thousand mean (and I mean MEAN, I'm not just saying that) replies, a recent facebook page said they would love to advertise the website! :3 This means maybe some more people to come join us~

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See what you can do when you put your mind to it? We might as well make you a moderator :P

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Can you post a couple links to some of those fanfictions/parodies? Would be interested to take a look!

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I love Free! and the ending is totally GREAT! Can't wait for Season 2 :)

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I really, really enjoyed each and every episode of Free! Each episode was a perfect balance between tension and comedy which drove the show forward at a great pace. I'd love a second season but I feel all the main plot points were resolved with the "for the team" ending. I know they teased a second season with "see you next summer" but they didn't tease what a second season might encompass. Any thoughts on what a second season might focus on?

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It's great for something light (all of those darker anime can get a little overwhelming sometimes...), but nothing I would go absolutely crazy over, not that I didn't enjoy watching it or any thing ^^ The parody, 50 per cent is absolutely brilliant~ Its so funny I enjoy it more than the actual series! ...I ship everyone together haha

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