ATTENTION: Otaku Day :3

Hey guys! So I was scrolling through my newsfeed and I came across this post:

"ATTENTION: If you're an Otaku: Read on! Hello everyone! Through this publication I want to inform you about some important news. It has been decided to name a day for Otakus, which would be held this December. The decision has been taken together with other communities and ask for your support because without it, it won't work out. We do it because we are a community like any other, and we need a day just for us. We ask for your support by spreading this message to all the pages of Otaku that you guys know about. With this we will get the place we deserve. We are part of society...I ask for your support please. Remember, December 15th is the World Otaku Day.

So copy and paste this message onegaii! Post it in the most visited places by Otakus, Anime and Manga fans!~" ~ The Many Worlds of Anime [Facebook Page]

I'm honestly very excited for this :3 But what I'm wondering is what were going to do that day. Are there going to be different conventions? I'm very curious but really excited about it c:

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Does the otaku pride website have a facebook fan page?

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0 on community was very great never like it most activity ambassador and to you pages.... anyone's but "Dan Bhai" is my profile here...

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