Oreimo ending... What'd you guys think?

Just today I finished the anime Oreimo, or in the english title; "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute!" I loved the series, but the ending.. Kind of ticked me off. If you guys watched it, what did you think? I personally didn't like it ^^' But the anime overall I found rather entertaining, and I would watch it again x3

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Give us a recap! I have no idea what any of this is!

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@GooieGreen Oreimo is short for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ki Kawaii Wake ga Nai (or the english title "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute!") isn't like a generic romance anime xD Kirino and Kyosuke are siblings, but there's something strange about Kirino being her age. She's obsessed with Visual Novels, but not normal ones. She's loves little sister ones, she even has 18+ and watches anime and considers herself a hardcore otaku. She askes Kyosuke for advice on what to do, and thus the adventure begins~

I'm gonna spoil the end~ I doubt you could see the OVA now because it was only available on Crunchyroll for 2 weeks, thats what they say anyways. So if you plan on watching it, don't read the rest until you've watched it.

Kyosuke finally confesses his love to Kirino, which Kirino does the same. But because of them being scared of what society thinks, this leaves them in a difficult situation. After another girl confessing her love to Kyosuke, (because you know, almost every romance anime is a harem now xD) Kirino gets in the way, one epic girly fight later, they finally get married. c: ...Jk. Well, they pretended to anyways. They made it come out like they were getting married, then Kirino took off the ring and I was just sitting there like "WHAT?! D:<" ..There really was no happy ending to this anime. But it was still nice to watch <3

I hope my recap helped a bit ^^;

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