What Is The YouTube Anime Community About?

I am from the anime and manga community on YouTube. Me and other people make videos on YouTube discussing & reviewing different anime on the website. There are a lot of people that are in the anime community on YouTube. We make our own diverse topics that relates to anime or manga then we talk about them to our viewers or subscribers. We also watch each other's videos, we give feedback on each other's videos, and if we enjoyed a video enough, we will press the like button for there video. We also talk about anime related games such as Naruto Shippuden or Dragon Ball Z video games. There are some people who are not popular YouTubers like myself, MrFalconnPunch996, and Phoenix Kai. And then you have people who are super popular like TheInsaneGamefreak, gigguk and ForneverWorld. There are even anime collaboration groups like ShounenKnightz, GreenClanstudios, and TheElevenSuperNovas. So yeah there is a lot going on in this anime community. Most of the time it is a lot of fun. You just got to watch out for some trouble makers, but hey there will be some bad apples here and there in any community. If you want to find me there, just type in youtube.com/JimGeorgeBaker I hope you guys come check us out sometime soon. ^_^

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I'll look you up later :3 I usually just watch Glass Reflections, gigguk, and sometimes xDisturbedJeans. There's a podcast of Gigguk, Arkada (Glass Reflections), Jean (xDisturbedJeans), and Holden (HoldenReveiws) and it's called Podtaku, and they're a lovely addition to the anime community in my opinion c:

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It might be great to bring your community here in and maybe also create a group page in the site. This way you get to have a channel in the site as well. If you have plans, events of something you might want to tell us about the activities of the community.

Like they say, don't put all your apples in one basket. :D

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