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Hi~ c: Needless to say, I'm new here. But I noticed that it's not all that active. I know at least some people are still on otakupride (I hope), but do you think we can at least do something to make this anime site a bit more active? I signed up here hoping for a lot of posts that'll keep me entertained, news on anime, polls, whatever. I was a little disappointed needless to say that the first post that I saw was from 3 years ago.. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not, but it doesn't look very active, but I really wanna change that :3

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The homepage has a lot of stuff that is popular for people to read, but as you said much of it is old.


if you want to see the freshest activity you can go to the active tab :)

Also, if you like twitter you can follow the latest new topics as they come up:

As for anime news, I know I'm always happy to see people posting topics for new shows as they come out :3

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