Video Games for Holiday 2013

With the launch of two new consoles (the Xbox One and PlayStation 4), there will be a lot of cross-generational (e.g. available on PS3 as well as PS4) games but also a ton of games exclusively for the newer hardware.

Have you seen any games that interest you? If no, what kind of games do you need to see in order to throw down some of your hard-earned (or stolen) dollars?

Personally, I'm looking forward to Killzone on PS4, Destiny (PS4 and Xbox One), and Titanfall on Xbox One. I haven't been playing a lot of shooters for a while now, but all of those games look fantastic... though I'm not positive they will be out by holiday. The indie games coming to PS3/4/Vita are the ones I'm really interested in, though.

As for the distant future... Borderlands 2 on Vita? I guess I'll finally have to play that game...

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I love what I've seen of Titanfall and Destiny so far.

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