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Hey guys, I just wanted to see how you all are viewing the site's progress so far.

Now, we all know you can leave feedback about glitches, things you like, and people you think should be banned (by the way, I've tried; you can't ban the Admin), but I was hoping to foster a discussion topic about what you'd like to see the site become, what features you want to see the most, events, etc.

So, let it fly! Want that idiot Ryan replaced on the podcast? Lets cut him down!

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Well Otaku Pride was originally meant to be a place where people could exchange relevant content that people like ourselves would care about. I think that has been going smoothly so far with the many discussions that have popped up. However, I would like to see more varying content, like:

  • Reviews (I submitted one)
  • Tutorials
  • Art/Design
  • Music
  • etc.
  • Those seem to be pretty hard to come by. So some incentive, like a way to change your profile to reflect what kind of 0P member you are (e.g. Anime Otaku, Music Otaku, Tech Otaku, Gamer Otaku, etc.) may add just enough personalization to get some of that kind of content here if they could earn a badge on top of that for submitting content relevant to their 0P Member Type.

    I also think the sidebar could be used to show the Latest Rated topics, and have the option for viewing the Top Rated Comments. Maybe even things like Newest member, Highest Karma...I guess more statistical data that rotates would be pretty cool.

    As for things that are meh to me, the Philanthropist badge, to me, is "broken." It's very difficult to give consecutive, relevant feedback for 7 days, let alone the Mother Theresa badge which is feedback every day for a month. I have personally given a ton of quality feedback, but because it wasn't 7 days in a row, I can't earn that badge and won't even try for Mother Theresa because I'd have to spam the 0P inbox with repeated nonsense. Why? Because this site is actually well put together with not much visibly wrong with it.

    Various events could be:

  • Otaku Review Write-up (broken up into various categories),
  • Original Motivational Image contest (taken from a random anime),
  • ...or even more relevant

  • Otaku Pride Poetry/Haiku competition.
  • Each event could earn you a Special badge, and everyone who enters can earn a Contestant badge to show how many they've participated in something 0P related, which could still earn you rewards.

    Being able to deplete your Karma do/get certain things like 0P swag would be quite an incentive to get involved and post quality stuff so people don't vote you down for whatever reason.

    Yes, some of this sounds a bit like Gaia, but their system has proven successful because users like to be rewarded. We just need a spin on it that maintains the overall goal and integrity of this site as a fun, valuable, and well-mannered community.

    Hope some of this sparked some ideas...

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    • a sort of ranking system will be implemented shortly, and will also have viewable badge statistics allowing you to see everyone with a particular badge, ranked by karma

    • related topics are in the works

    • An events feature will be coming

    @Nina on spending karma: neat idea, part of the benefit of karma is that it will give you more functionality as you gain karma. right now that is only implemented as up/down votes and karma, but in the future will have more capabilities, so spending the karma would result in the possibility of losing functionality based on karma level. Good idea though, we may look into way of doing something similar. And I like your event ideas!

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    Just going to say that as the community is gradually growing, the site is also improving its features at a steady rate also. There has been like only one serious downtime since it's been around. Plus, OP is successfully drawing in the audience that it caters to the most with nearly zero trolls. This is a big accomplishment.

    I want to also applaud Tom and Jim for doing a bang-up job on retagging posts. A lot of them really needed it and I saw that even a few of mine were changed. XD And let's not forget that OP has one of the most dedicated podcasts I've seen around.

    I hope people have also taken notice of the theme option as well. That's a very cool feature that I was pretty excited about, and would really love to know how many people are taking advantage of it. ^^

    One glitch that I want to point out is that when you go to edit a post, if you're on another theme, it changes back to the original. Also, if you look at your user data in the top right corner, it appears that your login session has ended. I'm not really bothered by this since you don't actually lose it, but it's something that I can point out anyway.

    I'm very happy that OP seems more and more like a fun club that you can come visit whenever you want without any obligations. However, the more you visit and participate, the more karma you can earn by being active and visible as a member of the "club". ^^

    I had made a lengthy post here before, so please check it out if you haven't. I hope that me coming back with an update two months later will spark some feedback from the members who have been around for a few weeks to share their thoughts.

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    Character limit on names so we don't have people breaking the frame!

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    I think this site is growing well. It is very unique in the way the the site is running as well as the way the content is delivered.

    My only pet peeve is the way the site runs for posting data. I come from a normal forum environment. It is a little hard to find new topics as well as replies.

    I do like the way the site handles popular topics with the rating and karma. That is really unique and I like that aspect.

    The site is overal great. The podcasts are good and the reviews are good too. I support this site and I even have a link from my site to this so if any of my forum members want to join they can go here.

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