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What's up otaki (that is my pluralization and I don't wanna hear anything about it!)

Free stuff is awesome. I like it, you like it; we all like it. So if the opportunity arises, we will shill it out to you. Today, I have the first ever contest for you!

This contest comes from (full disclosure: I work on this site but I am not in charge of this contest).


  • Sign up and activate a account
  • Go to the following article (an interview with Shatter's musical mastermind Jeramiah Ross)
  • Post a comment (a good one; might help if you read the article so you can dig up some good material for a joke)
  • Sit back and relax: you've entered!

5 winners will be randomly selected (based on a pool of quality comments) to win a download code for the PSN "breakout" title Shatter AND a download code for the entire soundtrack!

If you do not have a PSN account or a PS3, please do not enter (but feel free to sign up anyway; who knows what else we'll give away in the future)!

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Yay, contests are fun, I like free stuff!!! ;)

8 years, 11 months ago
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We've had some great responses to the Shatter contest; thanks to everyone that participated!

We've been looking at what we can give away from Otaku Pride, and there have been a few little prizes to go along with the actual one. Right now, I don't think we have anything major planned, but I will keep you posted if it comes up!

Most likely, when the active user base increases a little more, we'll try to do something with some frequency.

8 years, 10 months ago
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Hey guys,

If you signed up for the Shatter contest, please make sure to log into your account and check your messages. We may have an error right now that is preventing messages from being sent, but if you signed up as the following user name, please PM "Gooie" with your choice of either the soundtrack or the game (supply is limited; first come, first serve).

LeiYuLong, MorgansDeath, netherfiend, Punisher, samkerby, syndragore, tman33, xtortedmemory

We've sent out some codes already, successfully, but the above 8 are next in line. If you do not send your choices in to me by a week from today, you will be skipped.

Thanks for the great turn out and we hope to get some more games out there soon for you to enjoy!

8 years, 10 months ago
6097 3 4 10

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