Otaku's Need Our Pride Month

I have seen many pride celebration months, right now is June which celebrates LGBT pride yet we otakus don't have a month to celebrate ours. I say we take August! Because if Hispanics can have October, Whites can have March and Blacks can have February, we should have ours! We aren't your average counter-culture or popular culture/scene or anti-scene types we are all around our own culture and would appreciate some love and tolerance. We don't put up protests or riots but do get vocal about our way of life our riot guards or suppression squads are those whom despise us. We don't go vigilante fighter to put a stop to our haters but remind them what they do unto us, they do to LGBT, they do to other races and they do unto other religions making them no better than dictators and tyrants. Yet this isn't universally about the hardships we face as a culture, its about our pride and having the wide-scale recognition that we should have had by now. So when August comes, its time to bring on the otaku pride in celebration!

4 years, 8 months ago
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I really would like to see something like that ^^(I'm hoping you'll see this because this was posted a month ago.. Sorry ^^' I just signed up a couple days ago.) Sadly August is almost to an end, so maybe next year we can celebrate on otakupride about this. Maybe if we're lucky make a small convention of it x3 I really like your idea though, and I agree c:

4 years, 7 months ago
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