KuroFai argument.

In my opinion, KuroFai is canon. I'm not saying it just because i'm a yaoi fangirl, i'm saying it because by CLAMP standards, it is. Many people judge CLAMP pairings based on works by other authors, but i don't think that's right, so i decided to watch and read some other clamp works, such as Card Captor Sakura, Legal Drug, Tokyo Babylon, Clover, Chobits, X/1999 and i'm currently searching for RG Veda.

Based on other confirmed CLAMP pairings I have concluded that these two ARE canon. Several phrases that have been used for making their pairings canon are 'most precious person' 'the one for me' 'my one and only' 'the one i can't live without' and so on. very few couples have said they loved each other, Seishiro and Subaru for example.

I know that alot of people are waiting for a kiss or a confession, but that just isn't CLAMP's style, sadly. It's also not their style to actually admit to a canon pairing, unlike Touya and Yukito from CCS.

If you feel differently, feel free to argue your case. i'm not completely close minded, and it KuroTomo or something else happens i'll still be happy, i love Tsubasa too much to hate it for something like that. This is my own CLAMP trained opinion.

I apologize it i offended anyone!

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we're all mostly all adults here - don't worry about offending anyone... just please use the yaoi tag so we can do proper filtering and more importantly, better search.

While I'm on the topic, anime and manga are two of the less useful tags on the site, so if you have more specific ones for a post, I'd say those two are the first to toss out.

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