do you think they would make smash brawl anime

i heard some comments in youtube and saying "i hope they make smash brawl anime"

or "can someone make smash brawl anime please some thats good at drawing and video please"

and stuff like that

so i want all of you to ask would they make smash brawl anime or not

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I don't think they would. Nintendo is the sole owner of most properties in the SSB series, and there would have to be a lot put into an official anime. I don't think NoJ nor NoA would be interested in making anything but another video game (and the creator of the series has basically said he's done with the game, at least for a bit).

I don't think there is a market for it, either. Despite it being a 2nd party effort and a heavy hitter on Nintendo consoles since the mid-90s, it still did not sell very well at all. Mario Kart Wii crushed Smash Bros in sales, and the fact that the Custom Map upload service has been discontinued speaks to how willing they are to support the title any longer.

It would be a big reach for The Big N to go back into making shows. Fact is, they want people buying their console (since it is outdate and cheap technology with a high price tag). I think Nintendo has moved on from their older model of business and is clearly focused on the casual market. No matter how much I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy, it is still a very casual-friendly game and way too easy to beat. Considering their latest "innovation" was a vitality sensor, I'm pretty sure the last thing they are going to do is devote funds to a small cult hardcore franchise. The money isn't there.

However, there are plenty of SSB flash toons online, and some really good ones on Newgrounds. I'd rather see the fans (aka the people that actually care about the series) to make something happen. But even still, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

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Simply put, there's honestly no real reason for Nintendo to jump on the anime bandwagon. Their main focus are casual gamers and they haven't been a direct investor in animation in a long time. So why start with a concept that would generally wind up being one mess of a crossover? It would be overkill in the worst way.

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A Super smash anime might make a good comedy as tom said, but let's face it - there is very little story to work off of, and FAR too much canon from each character's previous back story. Just creating a believable super smash universe would be nearly impossible.

edit: Also, I think that licensing would cause all kinds of problems. Getting the licensing worked out for a few moves is one thing, but I think at least some of the stakeholders in the games that super smash characters originally came from likely have their eyes on expanding the enterprise and a super smash anime is probably not what they have in mind

So nintendo owns most of the characters... killing this argument, but raising a new stronger one. See gooiegreen's post

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I could see it happening and It's make sense. But now with SOnic and Snake, that's three companies you'd need the permission of. That, and if they didn't do it at Melee when the series was probably around it's peak popularity, I dont see it occuring in the future.

The prospect, however, is 100% possible and if they do I'd like to see where they'd go with it, even though it'd probably have practically no plot and pointless violence. Unless it follows Sub Space Emissary.

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they're not gonna do it any time soon, but while we're imagining it, imagine this: don't you think that the mii channel music would be perfect to play during awkward parts of the anime? Imagine Mario makes a joke and no one gets it then he tries to explain it and as the BGM(background music), it plays the mii channel.

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I think they would. it's one of those things that makes 100% more sense to do than a twilight anime

In the 90's they did a show that had allstar cast of cartoon characters all put together in one show. I think it only lasted 2 seasons. But i think it was one of the first shows to use in show advertising, might have been mcdonalds. I'll try to find the show.

Anyway, to break away from that tangent, yea i think they could make it. Do i think it will work? probably not. That's the most eclectic mix of characters i've ever seen. Bowser will eat jigglypuf in episode one, followed by charizard burning the princesses dress.

hmm...maybe it would be kind of funny...

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How did you even THINK of that. Though I guess it could work. It'd have to be a long explanation and a lame Mario. I could probably better see Luigi or another spazzy character doing that.

8 years, 10 months ago
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