What fighting game do you want a create player mode for?

I think almost any fighting game could, and should add a create player mode. It makes the game for interesting, it also makes the person's mind think more creatively. It helps them to learn how to think outside of the box. In some studies its been proven that young people with good active imagination can develop more stills to be more innovative for school and/or work when they get older. The reason why fighting game makers don't add in that mode, because they don't want to put in the effort. They know there fighting game will make money just simply putting the name Tekken or Mortal Kombat in it. I would truly love to see them make a Super Street Fighter Five game with a create player mode to it. In the mode you would be able to pick what gender, skin color, weight, height, facial structure, hair style, clothes, and other accessories. Now as far as attack moves you should be able to customize your created player to be able to copy all of the other characters moves, but not all at the same time. You should also be able to create 1 to 10 different characters in the fighting game. That would be so freaking epic, but hey that's just me. So tell me What fighting game would you want to have a create player mode?

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Mortal Kombat

4 years, 8 months ago
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Street Fighter, or maybe the Marvel vs Capcom series. Both franchises offer a wealth of characters with all sorts of design variety. Put that design capability into the hands of the people and I think there could be some wild new additions to the rosters of both of those games.

4 years, 8 months ago
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