Cast Call for an Otaku Fan

A new fandom discussion web series is looking for video submissions from fans of all genres of fandom. Submit a short video of yourself explaining why you're a fan of cosplay, anime, manga, video games, or any part of "nerd culture." Here's your chance to show that dedicated fans are people, too, and the negative stereotypes don't apply. If you're passionate about whatever your interests are, we're looking to hear from you.

FanGuy (working title) is a new transmedia/webseries project where we explain what fan culture is today and demystify some of the confusion and misconceptions that surround it. We'll be doing this by asking YOU, the fans, to submit videos talking about yourselves, why you're a fan, issues you're concerned about within fan culture, and how it's perceived overall by the mass media.

Please send all submissions to:

By submitting a video, you consent to allow FanGuy to publish the video online, and/or edit it as we see fit. We prefer a YouTube link.

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