Some Haikus for No Reason

Found these on an old flash drive, does anyone want to read them? I'll post 'em if you want.

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Let's have em!

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Some Haikus for No Reason

Oh the Internet/ So dangerous and scary/ I love you so much

Imagination/ Is poured into you daily/ Filling you with fun

I enjoy your lore/ Hate your loading bar though/ On slow computers

You accept my art/ And the comments about it/ Although they are mean

Oh ‘net, I love you/ ‘Though you are more dirty than/ Week-old underwear

Hold onto my mind/ Smash to pieces my grammar/ Teach me to be 1337!

Don’t paste to Twitter/ I don’t want your sandwiches/ I really don’t care

Don’t paste to Facebook/ They will fall like an empire/ The Romans did too

I enjoy long walks/ Is eHarmony jargon/ You just want action

I hate Yahoo Games/ Don’t you have to pay for them?/ That really sucks pigs

I owned a fox once/ He was a cute little one/ I named him Oodles

He would eat my food/ He would tear up the sofa/ He would pee on walls

I had to train him/ To not do those crazy things/ Driving me crazy

Eventually/ He learned to not pee on things/ Now he’s a house fox

Well, actually/ He was an indoor red fox/ Now he’s kinda dead

I miss that cute fox/ And his black tipped pointy ears/ His tail was coolest

I had buried him/ Next to the flower garden/ Now lilies grow there

Owned many foxes/ And I’ve bred a whole bunch more/ But Oodles was best

Besides the story/ I need to randomize now/ So how about more

Don’t follow rabbits/ Down through their little tunnels/ They stab with carrots

Sisters can annoy/ The living crap out of you/ Don’t hold living crap

Don’t swim in oceans/ Unless you want to pet sharks/ Well, pet their stomachs…

Alligators hurt/ When they are biting your neck/ While you drink coffee

Don’t drink your coffee/ While operating machines/ Guaranteed to burn

We should use coffee/ As a flamethrower refill/ A great replacement

Napalm is lovely/ It burns so bright and pretty/ I should buy my own.

I want a mongoose/ Ya’ know how awesome they are?/ They have nice, long tails

They can’t hang from trees/ Sort of like the monkeys do/ They’re great for balance

Humans don’t have tails/ Which is a real big bummer/ I wish I had two

Oh, I would spin them/ Just like a helicopter/ And soar to heaven

People are waiting/ They watch me from way up there/ I’ve got to get there

But when I get there/ I guess that won’t be enough/ I’ll go up higher

I have a question/ Is it okay to rip off/ Your hero’s motto?

‘Cause Someone said that / That he had his own high dreams/ Can I have them too?

Maybe it’s sharing/ If I asked him he’d be fine/ I’d ask him nicely

He’d say “sure thing, friend!”/ And give me a big thumbs-up/ He learned from the best

Once again I’m lost/ I shouldn’t be typing this/ It needs more random

But wait a minute/ Do you really mind all this?/ This is okay, right?

Alright, let’s back up/ I’ve gotten pretty off-track/ My haikus now suck

I don’t really think/ I just count the syllables/ As the words flow by

I enjoy haikus/ What makes a really good one?/ Must be the content

Multiplayer games/ Are great for parties at home/ You should plan one soon

I made a bad choice/ I sent out lots of invites/ To people online

I met them in games/ And no avatar is real/ They were kinda old

I’m good at Halo/ I play lots of older guys/ Some really showed up

My parents were mad/ What business do they have here?/ They had to leave then

By the way Reader/ As of this moment you suck/ You haven’t added!

If you are reading/ Have you some understanding/ And add on some more…

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My favorite one has to be

We should use coffee/ As a flamethrower refill/ A great replacement

Not that I ever would, because coffee is too precious to me. But still, fairly amusing!

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