New People J-Pop mall in San Francisco

This past weekend, on August 15, the New People mall in San Francisco opened. New people is a 3 floor building showcasing many aspects of Japanese culture.

This weekend saw the release of 20th century boys in the malls' own movie theater, complete without your very own Blue Bottle Coffee and some curry popcorn. Yoshitaka Amano(Final Fantasy) has a nice little gallery up on the third floor with a bunch of neat-o art. With like 4 fashion designers being shown in the building as well as a bunch of shops that have tons of goods from j-pop culture like books n toys, straight from Japan.

No doubt, we're gonna see some huge cultural diffusion going on with San Francisco as the hub. We all know SF is huge into the scene anyway, but now with this new dedicated hub to Japanese culture here in America, we have a new catalyst that is going to make many niche aspects of j-pop culture more normal and mainstream.

Agree? Disagree? Will the mall take off, or flop? Is mainstream going to embrace this, or will cos-players still be afraid to walk the streets in crazy get-ups?

Image of New People Mall

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Ah I wanted to see this since you guys mentioned it in the podcast.

I'll bet on take off. California has a ridiculous amount of Japanese Americans to begin with so I'm sure that a mall like this in San Francisco is going to be mint.

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I have to admit... that's not as big as I expected it to be lol

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Seriously? That mall sounds awesome! I wish we had one on the east coast!

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Wish they had one of those in NY. I'd totally go there!!

9 years, 1 month ago
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