Squidditch: A New Sport


Squidditch is a game that my friend Kayla and I made up based off of the game Quidditch from the Harry Potter series. It was adapted so that a similar game could be played, except on the ground using different balls. Some of the rules had to be changed because of the differences in the game.

Just a couple of days ago we played out first game of Squidditch. We did not have as many players as we needed, but we were able to make it work! It was surprisingly fun and everyone was able to grasp the rules pretty well after a couple of mistakes. We had a lot of fun and are planning on getting a team together to play again. :)


General rules:


There are eight players on each team:

  • 3 chasers
  • 2 beaters
  • 1 seeker
  • 1 keeper
  • 1 retriever


There are four balls in each game:

Quaffle – volleyball

Bludger 2x – Dodgeballs

Snitch – remote controlled robot (that will fly)

To buy a suitable golden snitch,
go to Hobbytron.com:



Chasers - use quaffle to score goals in one of three hoops for 10 points.

Beaters - use bludgers to hit chasers.

Seekers - chase the snitch in order to catch it and end the game.

Keepers - Guard the goal posts.

Retrievers - stand behind goal posts and catch the quaffle once it has gone past or through a goal post.

  • The game is over when the snitch is caught
  • A goal is worth 10 points and a caught snitch is worth 150 points
  • In the event that none of the three snitches are able to be used, (broken, cannot hold a charge, etc.) and both teams are tied, the game will continue without the seekers and the first team to score a goal wins.

Players: more information


chasers try to score a goal by throwing the quaffle into one of the three hoops. There is no limit to how many steps a chaser can take while holding the quaffle. However, chasers need to make three passes before they score a goal.

If a chaser is hit with a bludger in any area besides the head or neck, they must immediately drop or throw the quaffle straight up into the air. The player who has been hit by a bludger and is forced to throw the ball into the air is not allowed to catch the ball when it comes back down.


Beaters use lacrosse sticks to throw the bludger at the chasers on the opposing team. There is one bludger used on each team. The beaters pass the bludger to each other. In the event that the team that the beaters are on are scoring, then the beaters may protect the chasers by catching the opposite team's bludger.


The keepers must stay inside the square box on the soccer field. Keepers must defend goals from the front of the hoops.


The seekers will chase the snitch in order to catch it. No player other than the seeker may catch or touch the golden snitch.


Retrievers stand behind goal posts and catch the quaffle once it has gone past or through a goal post. If a goal was not scored, then they throw the quaffle back into the game. If a goal is scored, then the keeper gives the quaffle to the opposing team. Retrievers cannot enter the boundaries of the field.


Penalties include purposely hitting the players with lacrosse sticks, grabbing limbs in order to obtain the quaffle, running out of bounds, if a beater or a seeker obtain the quaffle, and if a player tries to grab the quaffle from another player for more than 10 seconds then the chasers will return to their starting positions and the referee will toss the quaffle into the air as was done at the beginning of the game.


  • cleats
  • gripped fingerless gloves
  • team shorts
  • team jersey

Rules are subject to change

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Nice post... could I suggest being more concise? Also a few pictures would be good ^_^

The wall of text is a bit much - not because it's too much content though. Just use pictures, lists, and other web writing techniques to make it easy to scan, and comprehend quickly.

For example, you wrote:

General rules:

There are eight players on each team. 3 chasers, 2 beaters, 1 seeker, 1 retriever, and 1 keeper. There are four balls in each game. The main ball used for scoring is called the quaffle. The chasers use the quaffle to score goals in one of the three hoops for 10 points each. There are two identical balls called bludgers. The two beaters on either side of the team uses a bludger to hit the chasers. The seekers have to chase the snitch in order to catch it and end the game. If there is no goal scored within 5 minutes then the teams can call a time out and switch players. Otherwise a team may switch players every 3 goals scored. Every time a goal is scored, the opposite team gets the ball and tries to score, (they do not have to start from starting positions at the beginning of the game.)

could be condensed into:

A Squidditch Team:

  • Seeker - Tries to catch the snitch
  • Retriever - Catches the quaffle when goals are scored
  • Keeper - The goalie (to borrow a term)
  • 3 Chasers - Try to score goals by throwing the Quaffle through the opponent's goal
  • 2 Beaters - Attempt to hit the Chaser with bludgers


  • Quaffle (volleyball)
  • 2 Bludger (wiffleballs)
  • Snitch (a tiny remote controlled helicoptor)

Looking forward to seeing updates!

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That was a fun game I played.

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This is similar to a game played at a summer camp that I worked at, except we just had people toss the Snitch around instead of a RC. That's such a good idea!

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Yay! Squidditch was awesome the other day!!! Sorry again about your arm and your face, maria.

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Something similar's already been done.

As a college sport. The snitch is a dude in all yellow running around campus the seekers gotta find.

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I'm trying to put together a team. I think are team name should be, "The Bludgers." After that first game we played, I've been eager to do it again!! :)

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