11 One Piece themes for Google Chrome

Tom's google chrome themes post was very popular, but there was only 1 theme for One Piece. Here are 11 more. And there are so many more!

Post more themes as you find them :)

One Piece – Straw Hat Luffy Theme

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy with Black background

One Piece - The Straw Hats by Macky-516

One Piece Theme

One Piece Friendship

One piece

One Piece Film Z Theme For Chrome

One Piece New World Theme

One Piece Shin Sekai

One Piece Ace Theme

One Piece Theme2

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I always prefer a minimalist theme. Even though I'm not a One Piece fan, I could see myself using one or two of these. Nice find!

I'm surprised at how few themes on Chrome ever catch my attention. Some of them seem as shady as the PS3 themes you can grab through the system's web browser...


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Nice! I didn't know this exist. I'm not actually a chrome user but I sure would love to install chrome just to test :D Hope there's something like this for firefox. is there?

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