Illuminated - What happened?

Back in 2007 I came across a trailer on dailymotion for an animated series called Illuminated. I them found their website,

I've been watching this site for three years now. The info on the site says (and has said) the following for the last 3 years:

An hypnotic, paradigm-shifting, multi-sensory journey, The Illuminated Experience Tour kicked off in Tokyo in June of 2007, followed by Glade Festival (Aldermaston, UK), Shambhala Festival (Nelson, BC), and Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, NV). Video clips from our trip will be available soon and a new series of appearances is being planned for 2008, starting with the Mindbender party at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on January 18. The Illuminated Experience aims to be a catalytic event for those who witness it, embodying the spirit of our global yearning for heightened consciousness and our lifelong journey for spiritual connection.

I've signed up for the newsletter and haven't received any emails. Does anyone know what happened to this series? I'm very intrigued by the concept and I'd like to watch it, but I don't know where or how I could find it.

Do you guys know anything?

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It is probably in development hell without a drop of any information to give you.

I think Hentai-Tom should look into it for you ^_^

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Here's some random information on the series. I don't know if this helps... If you read some of the responses on the illuminated Teaser, then you'll find out stuff like how it's coming out in 2012 or something like that.

illuminated anime forum
illuminated anime forum
illumated Teaser Video

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I don't have any new info for you, sorry :('

I can confirm that it looks very cool though.

A bit of research:

  • There is no wikipedia page
  • There is no imdb page
  • google can't seem to find anything

Where else do you find info about movies/shows?

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Hey guys, after THREE FREAKING YEARS I finally got an update email from their website. It reads as follows:

"Happy people making other people happy will heal the world." - Deepak Chopra


PROJECT UPDATE : For the last 3 years we've have been in development with a team of amazing artists on a feature animated film for Illuminated. Along the journey we've met some truly humbling allies - travelling throughout India, Thailand, Japan and the USA. This coming year we're planning to return to all our previous destinations and also trek out to Australia and Peru in our search for the Illuminated Masters (rare beings who bridge the spiritual and material planes) to incorporate their wisdom deeper into the story. We're honored by all of the support from our friends in all corners of the planet on our quest so far! We'll see you again soon.

Final release on the film is still years away so we thank you for your patience! Big things move slow. In the meantime we're in production building a new website with social tools to catch our dreams and weave them together - set for launch in early 2010. You'll see!



Christmas is less than a month away and what better gift to give than something practical and beautiful. ;)

Each hand-numbered, Special Edition Illuminated Crystal USB Key is a rare time capsule, containing the original seeds for the Illuminated project. Only 108 keys have been pre-loaded with music, art and a never before-seen collection of creative nectar.

For this Limited Edition release, the designer USB flash stick is strung on fragrant Sandalwood Mala beads, created with special blessings in Dharamsala, India.

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"The love we give away is the only love we keep." - Elbert Hubbard


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Thanks for tuning in!!!

Dreams flow free.

Anson // Phong

Co-founder (Illuminated)

I don't really know why they would even bother to email, since it was said that the release of the film is still years away. Just thought I'd post here.


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