CG Movies Favorites?

Movies such as Final Fantasy Advent Children, Resident Evil Degeneration, Appleseed Ex Machina and many more.. now the question is what is your favorite CG movies?

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I know what my answer is, but I can't type it. So, BEHOLD:

alt text

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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

This was a great movie, but it got attacked by critics and bombed in the box office. I saw it on dvd not to long after it left theaters. Awesome graphics for the time, great plot and back stories. Ties in a lot of environmental and philosophical points of view as well. A must see movie...I've never seen advent children though B-T-Dubs, how was that?

Final Fantasy image

Awesome post Xion, I've been meaning to write about the FF spirits within movie for a while and never got to it...

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Up was not a children's movie! It was amazing!!

alt text

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