Cons: The center(s) of the anime universe and a place where many other magical things happen!

Ah, cons. It seems like like it was only yesterday that I went to my first con...

Anyway, cons are(or seem to be) the center of the anime universe for the three wonderful days they occur(unless of course it's ICON, in which case you have some sci-fi and fantasy thrown in there). But what about all of the fun, interesting, and strange things that happen between panels, while eating, or perhaps taking the elevator? Like having a very nerdy person ask you lots and lots of questions about your shield, answering them, and doing it all again when you run into him again an hour later. Or being creeped out by a weirdo that you first met while changing in the men's room because the girls room was closed, and having him practically stalk you and your friends for the rest of the day. Or being asked to sign someones death note while on line for something(probably nachos). Or making out with every Axel you see, and a few Soras if they have good costumes...And the people with the 'Free Hugs" signs. Or being tackled by fangirls from across a field. Or watching poor Yoshi being crushed under the weight of a really fat guy because he's offering free Yoshi Rides to anyone that wants one.

So, please tell your stories of all the crazyness of cons between and during panels, while eating, or puchasing fun goodies!

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Oh ICon, that was one hell of a day.

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Those are the only things I thoroughly remember from EVERY con. That and terribly stinky Gaming rooms.

I remember at my first con, a guy came RUNNING out of the gaming room and grabbed me by the arms and began shaking me, screaming "ITS LIKE A NERD OVEN IN THERE!". XD

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my favorite is the naruto cosplayers... they get very excited about certain characters making out

Though that video is only the tip of the iceberg lulz

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I think one of the best parts of cons is the look people give when you see one of your favorite characters from a show, and you scream out their name at the top of your lungs when you rush over, hoping they're holding a free hugs sign...good times

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