Marvel goes Anime

Spring 2010 is going to see the pretty sweet introduction of Marvel into the anime realm. The four series/characters mentioned are:

  • X-Men
  • Wolverine (separate from the x-men series)
  • Iron Man
  • Blade

" The Iron Man story will be set in Tokyo and is about an unexpected clash of cultures and the history of weapon design.
Wolverine has his basis in the 1980s miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.
Blade would have ties to London and a more novelistic approach.
The X-Men” was the final anime mentioned as being in development."

The way I see it is that marvel is taking some pretty American characters and throwing them into more or less foreign situations and locations. I'm a big fan of these characters (Iron Man more than the rest), and grew up reading these guys in the comic books.

What will this mean for them being transformed from comic book heroes into the more traditional anime setting?

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That seems interesting. Stan Lee had found himself in the manga/anime business long before this post was written, however. It is only a manga at the moment, but he is working with Hiroyuki Takei (creator of Shaman King) on creating a manga called Karakuri Doji Ultimo. Also, the anime version of it is already being worked on, though I have no idea when it will be released. I wish more people knew about Karakuri Doji Ultimo, but they will eventually. I am intrigued by this idea for anime versions of Marvel superheroes, but more intrigued by Ultimo since it is a true manga and will be a true anime when it comes out. These other anime that you are mentioning here are just anime style renditions of the Marvel characters and stories, in my opinion. However, I wouldn't actually know since I have never read any American comic books.

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Well, goodbye my smoking, raging, cajun, Gambit (X-men) I hope you get to be half as cool as you were.

RIP Marvel. You will be missed dearly.

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I personally think they should stick to the realm that they began in, rather than trying to extend their reach into a realm of storytelling and animation that they really have no business being in. Could you imagine if Japanese animation companies got bored with their style and decided to through a few classic characters into Manhattan?

I know this could be seen from two angles - Marvel is "going with the flow" and attempting to extend their creativity / Marvel is bored and is looking for a reason to make more money off of the anime industry - but I can't help but find it wrong for them to move their characters into a foreign situation either way. I've never been much of a comic reader, but I did enjoy the animated series of X-Men and Iron Man as a child. So I'm not completely biased. Perhaps they will turn out something like the animation in Akira or Samurai 7.

In any case, I am somewhat familiar with the deep, rough kind of animation work Madhouse puts out. So as long as they are game on this 'perfect marriage,' then I'm all for it. If it's Madhouse, a lot of what I said above could have potential to be depicted well through this venue. Doesn't mean I'll support it, as I haven't really supported them nearly as much as I have others like J.C. Staff, Shaft, and Kyoto Animation.

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Nina makes a very important observation, and that is that Marvel Animation is working with Madhouse. In other words, Marvel is jumping in with the big leagues here, rather than going in to this new market by themselves with zero experience.
Madhouse has worked on Deathnote, Monster, Cardcaptor Sakura, Beyblade, Dragon Drive, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter, Trigun and Di Gi Charat (plus a billion others).

Without having these guys on Marvels side, Marvel would have a chance. Marvel is running into Japan with broken legs, and absolutely needs a big brother figure like Madhouse to be its crutches. At least for the time being...

I really don't know how I feel about this. On the Western culture side, we're taking heroes that are totally integrated into our culture and lifestyle, and throwing them into places where frankly, they don't fit. How can these guys be adapted to this kind of environment. And then on the other side, which is where I agree with Nina, when we put most of these guys into Japan (w/ exception of Blade), how will the Japanese culture react to this? Will they accept these newcomers as welcome additions, or reject them as not belonging?

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This really just makes me sick... I hate it when classic European and American properties become an amorphous blob of Anime goo for no viable reason.

I won't read/watch it on principle alone.

I understand what they did with some characters' back-stories being based in Eastern Asia, but to completely change the format is wrong. It isn't broken, so don't bother pandering to them. It just pisses off comic book fans more.

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Iron Man Anime Trailer

Wolverine Anime Trailer

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i don't know about doesn't feel right...

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im not sure they might make those im just ganna check in anilinkz to see if they have or not then youtube

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