Baby Mew is the best pokémon... got gifs?

Post your gifs of Mew, bonus points if it's "baby" mew :)

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Blinky Thanks, Obama

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Mew looks like a small pink kitten mixed with a rabbit and a tail that looks like it belongs on some sea creature attached to it. Probably the cutest Pokemon around. Originally Mew was known as the 151st Pokemon in the original Red and Blue games (there was also a Green version in Japan.) It wasn't accessible through regular gameplay means and could only be achieved by going to certain Nintendo/Pokemon events or give aways. Players and watchers of Pokemon might also know of Mew Two who looks like a grown up version of Mew. Together they form the Mew Duo family of Pokemon.

Mew's classification as a Pokemon is that of the psychic variety divvying out telekinesis brand pain. Some notable abilities of Mew are: the ability to levitate, learn every existing Pokemon attack and the power to teleport and transform. On the television show/movies of Pokemon Mew came into save Ash and the rest of his crew when Mew Two got out of control.

These days it's rather easy to get Mew on your DS version of Pokemon but if you had Mew back on the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance versions consider yourself among the luck few.

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While searching, I found this:

enter image description here

That was really for Tom and Jim. #imabat

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man,i really love pokemon!! aren't they cute..hihi..

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