Otaku Socks: Kawaii!!! Where can I get some?

Like almost everything else from Japan, there exist adorable socks with cute anime characters. Also like almost everything else from Japan, finding them at a fair price in the western world can be a challenge.

I've found a few places, but none are quite what I'm looking for.

Still here's what I found so far:

  1. Sanrio This is probably the most obvious list entry ever, but Sanrio has kawaii everything, including a variety of knee-high socks. Also have some shoes I like ^_^

  2. Milanoo has a variety of lolita-inspired fashion, including some socks that are ok

  3. Etsy Etsy is an independent artist site with a lot of fans of kawaii fashion. Among the many styles of clothing you'll find some kawaii socks, and support an independent artist to boot! It's not dependable though -_-

Do you know of a place I can get super cute socks for my feets?

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