Fitting in: What anime dances should I learn before going to a convention?

I want to learn the best dances that are popular so I can participate in my favorite part of the con! weeeee...

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What I know so far

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

While it may have been done a few times before, the dance ending is always a popular choice, particularly if you have a few friends to tag along. The moves channel classic para para with the focus on hand movement and a traditional step-together rhythm for the feet. Because this dance is popular, you'll want to throw yourself into the dance to stand out among the others there.

Lucky ☆ Star

Break out the pompoms for this one. The dance from the opening credits is best done with a large group of people to highlight the more technical aspects of synchronization. While this dance typically attracts the kawaii types, going in the opposite direction may bring a few laughs.

If all else fails…

…you can always revert to doing the monkey and claim you were inspired by the opening of Overman King Gainer.

What are your favorite dances? What do I still need to learn?

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There's always the classic fallback of Caramelldansen ...

My apologies, this is the English version ...

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well... I don't really know many, but you might enjoy the melbourne shuffle and the gangnam style dance is a pretty giant cultural phenomenon (and easy)

melbourne shuffle:

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