Middle school anime/manga club?

My friend and I are planning on starting an anime/manga club at our school, since we lack one. I came here to ask the people on this site how you think we should approach this, and I also have some questions. Please consider these questions, since we are seriously thinking about starting this club.

>>What sort of activities would be typical for an anime/manga club to do?

I don't want this to just be some club that no one joins and gets shut down because we don't do anything. I have a few ideas from digging around some sites as for games and things, but I want to hear what you guys have to say.

>>Do we need a license to show anime in such a small club?

I know that libraries need a license to show particular movies, is it the same in this situation?

>>What is a good host site if we wanted to easily construct ourselves a webpage?

I've considered Live Journal and Freewebs, but I'm open to others if you've got 'em.

>>Any good icebreaker games?

Our middle school is only two grades (7th and 8th), I don't want to intimidate the younger kids (if they decide to join). ^^;

This is an abbreviated list of things I've found/come up with. Please add to it if you have any ideas:

-Japanese word of the day

-Anime/manga/game trades

-Anime/manga themed games ('pin the cake on the L' and what have you) Suggestions welcome!

-Short podcast (maybe)

-Con info session (basically just a discussion on conventions between regular attendees and people who've never been)

-"Who's line is it, Anime?" (roleplay spin-off of that show, "Who's line is it, anyway?")

-Pictionary (manga style)


So please! Any suggestions or feedback you have is very helpful!

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Some things our high school club used to do:

~Weekly drawing contest with small, affordable prizes (candy, stuffed animal, etc.)

~Con Info (anything local; we gave information about PortCon and Anime Boston since we're in Maine)

~Weekly/Monthly movie

A note about showing anime: so far as I know, unless you're showing anything above PG rating you don't need a license. If showing R rated or similar, you must get it approved by the club advisor/leader (teacher, not a student) and you have to get parents' permission for their students to watch it. Best to plan those sorts of things a few weeks in advance.

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i like the whos line is it anime idea. A few of the other ideas on the list seem a bit big a bit fast. The podcast and info session might be a bit bold to try and pull off initially. Don't put too much on your plate at once. Concentrate on getting a core group together first. Those will be the peeps that help you out in planning and organizing stuff and will always go to meetings. Once you have a core group you can begin to pick up stragglers along the way. I think watching anime and discussing manga sounds like a good start as base events during meetings.

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You don't need a license at school; from what I remember of forming clubs, all you really need is consent from the school to make the club and that is about it. The rest is up to your adviser to deem restricted by law. Though, once you sign the contract with your school, you would have read over the rules and regulations anyway.

I would suggest using a WordPress blog. They are free and easy to use, and they don't look terribly outdated like FreeWebs or LJ.

Ice Breakers are usually most effective in smaller groups. A lot of it depends on people's willingness to participate, but ultimately it rests on what you do. Maybe have people separate and decide which anime character is the best representation of a hero and then have each group discuss it together (maybe resulting in the prize for that group picking the first anime to watch and discuss as a group?).

Hope that helps!

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Well, one good tip is to get at least one school staff member involved (preferably one who has a "good" attitude towards these kinds of things), In my school we organized trips to manga/anime stores,had some movie days, and even set up a school trip to Comic-Con. But to start off make sure your able to set up a room (preferably with a TV) and bring in a game system. Have members who are willing to contribute (Y'know, come in and bring some reading material etc) And you can even make posters and other things to promote the club.

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I think that, if your club is pretty outgoing, you could have a day where you all cosplay and go to classes dressed up. You may have to clear it with your counselor or someone, but as long as you follow dress code you should be okay.

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Find a teacher that is willing to support this and make him write a letter to the principal saying why bull like that anime club is educational because it teaches you about Japanese culture. Start out a lending program and get a projector to connect to a laptop or computer from where you play a different anime each meeting. Make a manga corner at a library and make the librarian suscribe to shonen jump. Participate in some school foreign language festival to gain popularity and in no time, you'll have room filled with wierd guys and goth girls, all cramming for space to watch some anime. Also free up a desk for kids who want to draw anime.

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