So for those who are web geeks like me, you've likely heard of the next generation of web markup language that is set to be released. HTML5 brings many large advents with the most notable being embeded video using "<video>" tags without the need of Flash. CSS3 accompanies HTML5 with many cool code features. The one I'm looking forward to the most is being able to generate rounded corners. It's going to be pretty sweet all around.

However, a thought hit me: Once HTML5 catches on, could you imagine an internet where people have abandoned animated GIFs for video embeds that can be adjusted to almost any dimension size? I mean really...very few people are willing to learn Flash/ActionScript, but EVERYONE knows how to make a video. I mentioned this to a friend today and he looked at me in horror. Mind you, this is someone who blocks Flash embeds on his browser.

So what are your thoughts about the changes coming to the internet in web markup?

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I dunno man... I think it'll get worse before it gets better but lots of cool stuff will get made in the meanwhile because of it. All in all I'm looking forward to it regardless of horror

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i love new standards. however, each browser has different ways of parsing the standards. If they can get the browsers to read the standards properly, the standards like css3 and html5 will be much better.

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I'm excited for rounded corners!! I seriously hate internet explorer...with a burning passion. I've finally moved on to Firefox.

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