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Everyone has those times where you go to a con and something ridiculous happens, right? Like the time when that guy came up to my best friend's mom and stole her magazine or the time when that old guy came up to me and wanted to take a picture of my, "one-of-a-kind" link costume that was apparently amazing. Cus he was taking pictures of all of the links that appeared at i-con. So I agreed and of course in my awesome link stance took a picture! Hazzaahhhh!!! Come on! I know everyone has a good story! Let's hear them!!!!!!!

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My friend tells me to go up to a near-by Zexion cosplayer and say "Hey Zexion, you're lookin Zexy!"

I do it, but the cosplayer doesn't understand the joke and looks at me with a horrified expression while the rest of her friends break out in laughter.

Yeah, I just ran.

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If I remember correctly, they had people doing the Haruhi Suzumiya dance, not sure why. I actually ran from them since I didn't know it. Good times...

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Every year, Animazement has the Caramelldansen Endurance challenge! This is where they play Caramelldansen non-stop and you do the dance for as long as possible before you give out.Last one standing wins.On top of it all, you have to be in cosplay to participate! You also have to sign a waiver to participate since we have one girl every year faint from having her arms up too long. The winner gets a 1,000 dollar Dealer's Room shopping spree! Last years champ lasted 20 minutes and 13 seconds and was dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya. I have been in training all year and I can last 17 minutes and 2 seconds before I get dizzy and have to stop. I have 5 more months before the con and I will win this year!! I am cosplaying as Presea from Tales of Symphonia and I hope the lack of wieght on my arms will help since I am allowed to take off my gloves.

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When I cosplayed as Rabi~en~Rose I got some stares from creepy men x__x and this one very tall muscley man came up to me in a skin tight chinese dress and I asked me how I made my rabbit ears for the costume. I almost pooped myself in fear DX

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I've got two, really. The first is my introduction to cosplaying. My very first con, which was I-Con 27, for my birthday, a friend offers to buy me a hat which looks almost like some sort of furry wig with ears. From there, I looked at it and it dawned on me that, "Oh my god! It looks like barf from spaceballs." I put it on, not entirely sure if anyone would recognize it and then out of nowhere people started taking my picture. I decided I had to run with it, so I bought a tail from another vendor and put on makeup starting the next day.

My second happened a year later at I-Con 28. There is a gathering of people usually, for an impromptu party and get together of sorts, called the Penguin Party. "Why the penguin party, you ask?" Because it's hosted by a guy in a Penguin costume. Anyway, this year's penguin party entailed us running to the song, Ninja Rap from TMNT 2, through the vendor's area and around the entire 'con, to the point that I believe the Penguin may have gotten a slight scolding by Con staff. It was still kind of spontaneous and rather fun.

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Unfortunately, my best con moment was the 4chan panel at Otakon 2007. Stuff was epic.

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When I cosplayed Engineer from TF2. I had modded it to be female, using short shorts, keeping my hair, and opening the shirt some.

It was my first Fanime. :3 But all the creepy guys were like "Leemetakeurpicturenaohurhurhur"

Then there was the meetup. I don't even have to go any further on that one.

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