More Love, less features - Feedback of the week 7/12/09

Hello again!

Here's our weekly installment... I'm trying something new this week.

Let me know if you think highlighting the good feedback from each week is better or if I should go back to having a single "Best" Feedback of the week



have a quick question. Did you recently change the "Send Feedback" boxes on op? Cus before I had to type my name and e-mail in every time I sent feedback, but now it's there automatically when I'm logged in. Anyway, if so, it's extremely helpful and such a relief. Thanks!

-maria :)

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We did! Sending feedback is now easier than ever =]


I enjoy being able to add onto an already posted comment with mini comments, but they do seem to get lost beneath just making a normal one. Maybe "comments" should stand out a bit more or all the smaller comments should sit on a grayer background.


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Fixed! I made several changes to the size and color of both the text and the dividers. Let me know what you think :) Good? too subtle? I'd love to know!


In the favorite video game thread, it spazed out (probably because of my torrent actions) and double-posted a comment on Kou. Can I haz fix?


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We'll be adding a "delete this comment" button soon


I would like to see email notifications when someone replies to your post or leaves on a comment on your reply. I think it will help the conversation to keep going as well as keep people coming back to the site.


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We're going working on this type of functionality in-site first. We'll build it out to email notifications once that's in place

That's all folks!

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you agree and disagree with!

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I think highlighting the feedback of the week and maybe even alternating between "best" and collective" feedback would be a fine idea. This gives people a chance to chime in with support for what is best for this community. As this is 100% community content-oriented, this is a good thing for 0P in my opinion. ^_^

As for my feedback, I did notice the increase in font size for the general replies, which was a good thing. However, I was referring to the sub-comments that you can make to other people's replies. I think the meanings of "replies" and "comments" are kind of difficult to interchange, so I don't blame you for the mixup. I did feel that less people would bother to make a supporting comment to someone's reply because it may just get lost if they don't stand out much. Thus, my idea of making those "sub-replies" have some sort of grayish background behind them so they don't simply blend in with replies.

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I'm so happy!! Finally my feedback is featured in this feedback of the week post!!!! Yeeahhhh...WAHOOOO....don't mean to brag, just very excited!! :)

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