best webmanga?

What are the best webmanga?

please detail specifically

  • what you like about it
  • how you discovered it
  • what it's about

... like a little mini-review :)

I love webmanga... and I'll take this opportunity to plug my buddies at etherFuture, whose webmanga already has an otaku pride thread dedicated to it.

Check out their webmanga, Dance of Heart =]

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I really enjoy Axis Powers Hetalia (a 4-koma webcomic), despite all the controversy surrounding it.

It's a semi-historical comic with each country anthropomorphized into bishounen (pretty boys). Each nation is portrayed with its accompanying stereotypes (America loves burgers and playing the hero, Italy is a wimp who eats pizza all the time, France is kind of pervy, etc).

The series focuses on historical events and interactions between the countries involved, mostly concerning WWII, but covering other periods of time as well in side stories. Because of the nature of WWII and how the manga glossed over some of the events, as well as countries being offended by their portrayal in the series, the manga has been subject to controversy and debate. I try not to read into the story so much, but I can understand the objections-I feel its better suited for people who already know the history to a certain degree, not people reading about the events for the first time as they can develop a skewed perspective on wars and international relations.

With that said, its still presents historical events in an entertaining manner that is particularly enjoyable to history nerds like myself. It has also encouraged readers who were unfamiliar with certain events to read and learn about it can't be all that bad, right?

Although I will say this: beware of rabid fangirls. It has picked up an enormous following. The best place to read scanlations (that I am aware of) is the livejournal community: Hetalia

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Thanks for the shout-out, Jim! Really appreciate you pulling our webmanga. It's only going to get better, at least for Kou and I.

Anyway, I'd like to recommend MegaTokyo to anyone looking for a comical, zany look on the lives of two quirky, geeky guys trying to make sense of the world they have been stranded in known as Japan. Fred Gallagher incorporates a good deal of J-pop/otaku references throughout and typically makes fun of himself and his characters. It's really a very surreal read, and has gradually shifted from the one-shot punchline type to the dramatic, stand-on-your-own type. Many will argue that MT has lost its touch over the years, and I do agree to an extent. However, MT is a shining example of how someone can create a story with zero intent of ever going beyond the web and pick up a publishing deal with not only a big-name company, but with Kodansha, the leading book publisher in Japan.

I have a feeling MT is going to end very unexpectedly, but it's been going for 9 years now, albeit with countless set-backs, delays, and other things. It's a good and fairly complex read with much subtlety, but won't really make much sense unless you double back and really grasp what has brought the story and the cast to where they are now.

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There is only one!!!


If you are a tech dork (like you care deeply about a particular OS), then you should appreciate it. The only thing that is sort-of unexplained is why it is called Ubunchu. The assumption is that Japanese people can't say U-bun-tu...

(but if there is a deeper explanation, I'd love to know!)

Anyway, the best part about it? You can get the first installment on your iPhone for free! How cool is that? I love the app store!

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